Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Her Post- I make breakfast than I kick his ass

The only time I almost hate my husband is in the morning.

Not All the time, but most of it. I don t recognize him and neither myself. I m a little robot. Jump off the bed right before the alarm clock went off, go to kitchen, grab things out of the fridge and start packing his lunch.

After that, I scoop a tablespoon of his “ Love Potion”( a mix of honey and pollen grain to power him through the day) , poor some warm milk into a cup and some yogurt into a small bowl beside a piece of bread, not to much and not to little, just enough to finish his yogurt. In the end, when he comes in the kitchen, the breakfast and packed lunch waits him in perfect alignment.

HE DOES NOT MAKE ME DO THAT! It s my will and I m glad that I can show my appreciation in this way. However, doing all this spares me from hearing all kind of sounds that he makes when he wakes up.

He coughs, he blows his nose, he stretches his bones, he does other things that people do in the bathroom but the bathroom door isn t enough for me. All I wish for future, when will have our own house is to sleep far far away from the bathroom.

Kicking his ass with a smile on my ogre face

My price is the fresh made bed. Cosmin does it every single morning and I love seeing a clean and airy room. I eat in the meantime, and he eats alone, while I start my day calm and quiet. He has a strange eating habit in the morning. He s the most good eater,no sipping or splurging, but in the morning he does all that and more.

 The most annoying thing is that he actually wants to Hug me ! Badly! He literally chasses me around the house for some attention. I suck it up and receive the hug, two kisses and some cuddling feeling like I m the Grinch or something. Despite all this, he still thinks I m a Superwoman and loves me!

What s the funny part? The moment he walks out the door I miss him and I call him to say that and I swear myself not to repeat that..And a new day comes!

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  1. Hahaha. That's so funny and adorable. I know how you feel, I'm not a morning person either. The other day I slept in and my boyfriend went to the gym. He called to wake me up so I could order breakfast for us (his house is devoid of food, lol). I was so upset because I was still so tired and he doesn't have a coffee maker because he doesn't drink it. So I ordered the food and to wake myself up before he got back, I washed the dishes. I know, how strange. But once he got there, I felt a little better and didn't tear his head off. And when he dropped me off home later, I missed him like a madwoman. :)