Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Her Post- A Healthy Recipe For Glowing Skin

Something is fishy around here, I m telling you…Cause we just made a fishy dish that smells like heaven and tastes even better. Or I just say my husband did it and I just assisted him, playing with the veggies and making trouble like a naughty child.

We had some frozen Merlucius also called silver hake and I wanted something comfy but not to heavy in my stomach. Cosmin made Baked Stuffed Hakes.

Although it s by far a time saving recipe (and pocket friendly too), we fooled around and end up spending about one and ½ hours in the kitchen. This time, he was in charge so I just did what my hubs told me: Chopped the veggies for stuffing.

Hey, it s not like I work for Good Food so you ll have to take this piece of crap art !

Carrots, onions, pieces of lemon and parsley were ready in no time. Then the fun begun. We competed against each other to see who s fish is more appealing. He won. He came up with an awesome idea. His fishes were tied around with onion rings, just like napkins. Before putting everything in a the hot oven, we wrap it in tinfoil.

Have you eating raw fish? You re acting like a monkey, get down from there!

With a preheated oven and a handy husband, this dish will be ready in less than an hour. You can skip the preheat step, even the stuffing step but you cannot ship the handy husband!

We almost inhaled our dinner. I don t recommend you do that, if you want to spare yourself of tummy aches. Besides, it s better to savor the fish the next day when all the aromas will blend more, so make sure you have leftovers.

I practically told you everything about this recipe so in order to put a spin on it, make it more fancy add some wine like Here !


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